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Baby #2: Birth Story

March 24, 2020 in Parenting, Pregnancy - No Comments

Baby #2: Birth Story

March 24, 2020 in Parenting, Pregnancy - No Comments

Due to having vasa previa, I knew I was going to be admitted to the hospital when I was 32 weeks. I got admitted on November 20 and it was so hard being away from my husband and Lucas… especially during Thanksgiving. My husband’s mom came into town so they made a nice dinner for Thanksgiving and brought it to the hospital.

The first night at the hospital was HARD. I cried myself to sleep because of the fear of the unknown. I wasn’t sure how long I was going to be in the hospital, I wasn’t sure when my c-section would be, but my biggest fear was not knowing if my baby would make it out alive.

What My Days Were Like

The days were pretty much the same at the hospital. I was on a strict diet due to my diabetes so breakfast, lunch, and dinner were pretty much the same. My husband brought me food occasionally, which was amazing. My husband and Lucas would come and visit at least once a day. It was a nice surprise when they would come and that was always the highlight of my day. We would take walks until they told me I couldn’t but it was nice to get out. During the day, I would get hooked up to the monitors 3 times for 30 minutes to see how baby was doing.

Waterfall at the hospitalThe Healing Garden at the hospital

One day while Lucas was visiting, he accidentally pulled out my IV. I’m a hard stick to begin with and it took them 7 tries before they finally got my IV in. The nurses tried to put it one in again and couldn’t. They tried 5 times. Finally, they decided to put a PICC line in. It was actually nice to have it in because they could draw blood from there. I almost wish I got that from the get go!

The Day Has Finally Come!

All was well for 2 weeks until December 4. At that point I was in the hospital for exactly 2 weeks. I was 34 weeks pregnant. During my morning monitoring, baby had some heart decelerations and it was so alarming that a team came in to access the situation. They kept me on the monitor for a couple of hours. After it was all done, they decided that December 4 was the day that baby would be born. I had already eaten at the point so they wanted to wait at least 8 hours before doing my surgery. I got to shower and get prepped and not be rushed. They had to put another IV in just “in case”. They ended up putting it in my wrist and honestly, that pain was worse than the surgery.

Finally at around 5:30, they started prepping me for the surgery. My husband got his outfit on and then they took me back to get my spinal while he waited outside. I think they started operating around 6:00 and by 6:10PM, he was here. I cried once I heard him cry.

With my last pregnancy, I had a postpartum hemorrhage and I also had one this time as well. Due to having vasa previa, they had units of blood on hand for me just in case. So after baby was born, they had to do a D&C and put a balloon inside of me to prevent further bleeding. They also gave me a unit of blood. I felt so much better after the transfusion but due to the balloon, I wasn’t allowed out of bed for 24 hours. During this time, baby was in the NICU and it was so hard being away from him.

… stay tuned for my next post on our NICU journey!


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