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Pregnancy Update: Vasa Previa

November 26, 2019 in Pregnancy - No Comments

Pregnancy Update: Vasa Previa

November 26, 2019 in Pregnancy - No Comments

I wanted to update you all with what is going on with my pregnancy so far. I’m already high risk so I go and see a high risk pregnancy doctor pretty often in addition to seeing my regular ObGYN. At my 25 week appointment with the high risk doctor, I was told I may have vasa previa but to come back in 3 weeks to confirm.

Those 3 weeks were the longest 3 weeks of my life. After googling and researching what vasa previa was, I was a mess. At my following appointment, they confirmed that I had it. At this point, I was already 28 weeks but the doctor wanted to start me on twice weekly monitoring (NSTs) and weekly ultrasounds to see how the vasa previa was doing. She was hopeful it would correct itself.

With vasa previa, the recommendations are to be hospitalized at 32 weeks with delivery anywhere from 34-36 weeks (no later). The reason for hospitalization is in case membranes rupture or if there is any bleeding, you can be rushed straight to the OR for a c-section. If you start bleeding and not close to the hospital, baby can bleed out and die. That alone was enough to tell me to go to the hospital at 32 weeks.

My Hospitalization

So on November 20, I came to the hospital to start my stay. I’m currently 32 weeks 6 days and just counting down the days until we meet this baby boy who wanted to have his arrival be extra special. I miss my husband and son. They come to visit but it’s not the same. Up until my hospitalization, I’d never spent a night away from my son. The first couple of nights were rough but it’s starting to get a little better.

When Lucas was visiting yesterday, he pulled out my IV so I ended up needing to get a PICC line because I’m a hard stick and they couldn’t get another IV in. It wasn’t too bad. I was also given a course of steroid shots the night I was admitted to help Baby L’s lungs.

It’s been rough but there’s no place I’d rather be knowing that I’m doing everything possible to make sure baby is safe.


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