Who Knew I Could Be So Afraid of Nail Cutters

Who Knew I Could Be So Afraid of Nail Cutters

Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be afraid of nail cutters but that day came when I was staring at my son’s nails. I got one of those baby nail cutters and I tried to cut his nails and I was just so afraid I was going to cut his skin or cut too close. I’ve seen it happen to many moms and babies.

I tried to find an alternative because my son’s nails were so sharp he was scratching his face up. I eventually just put gloves on him and called it a day. However, I realized I couldn’t do that forever. After researching, I came across some glass nail files. I ordered them off Amazon and they worked! His nails were short and he wasn’t scratching himself. That lasted all of 2 days and I filed again. This whole process was just so long and tedious. He would get frustrated because it would take too long. So I resorted to researching an alternative.

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That’s when I found nail scissors! I was skeptical ordering it because scissors for my son’s nails? It just sounded absurd. When they came, I tried them out and it took me less than 2 minutes to do all his nails and no cuts. I was amazed! My son’s nails grow so fast that I have to trim them every other day and this makes it so much easier.

I hope this helps all moms out there because this is something I wish I would’ve known about sooner. I’m so glad to have found these!

* I ordered these products on my own— this is not a sponsored post although there are affiliate links within the post *