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My Birth Story – Part 2

June 22, 2018 in Parenting, Pregnancy - No Comments

My Birth Story – Part 2

June 22, 2018 in Parenting, Pregnancy - No Comments

So we last left off on part one of my brith story in hopes of me fully dilating. At 11:30PM, my nurse checked me and I was still at 8CM. She said the doctor didn’t mind going a little longer but at that point I had already decided to do a c-section. She was going to let the doctor know but shortly after that, babies heart rate went up to over 200 beats per minute and stayed like that for around 10 minutes. At that point, the head nurse and other nurses were in my room and I remember them saying “the doctor wants to do an emergency c-section”. After that, things progressed quickly. They got Sean his outfit to change into and started prepping me for surgery.

C-Section Time

We got into the operating room at around 12:30AM on June 2. The anesthesiologist turned off my epidural medicine and gave me the medicine through it for the c-section (numbs from chest down). I remember shaking so bad they had to strap me down. He just kept telling me not to fight the shakes because it’ll only make it worse. I know Sean was worried at that point. By 12:47AM, baby boy was born! I remember seeing the nurses working on him but I was so out of it but I just wanted to see him so I tried to stay awake as much as I could. Once we heard him crying, Sean and I both looked at each other like “omg this is real.” They showed him to me then said they were taking him to the NICU because his heart rate was still off and he was having some issues breathing. I told Sean to go with them.

When I got back to my room, Sean was waiting for me and told me baby boy was okay. They had to put him on c-pap, put a tube down his throat to feed and drain fluids, and also started him on antibiotics through an IV.


Meanwhile, after a c-section (I don’t know if it’s the same for vaginal births) they push down on your stomach to make sure your uterus is going down. The nurse came to do that every 15 minutes and each time I was losing a lot of blood. I lost close to 3000ml of blood. They decided to rush me for a D&C and to put a balloon inside my uterus to help with bleeding. If that didn’t work, they were going to do a hysterectomy. I started crying because I’m only 30 and not done having children. The balloon needed to stay in for 24 hours and I was on strict bedrest and couldn’t even sit up. Luckily after 24 hours, the balloon did its job and I didn’t need a hysterectomy. My doctor took the balloon out and shortly after, I got up and started walking around. My main motivation at the point was baby boy. I wanted to get to the NICU so bad to see him.

However, during the 24 hours the balloon was in, my nurse that day scheduled for me to be wheeled into the NICU with my bed and all so I could see baby boy. I hadn’t seen him since he was born and was so happy she arranged that. It’s very tight in the NICU so to get my bed in there was a challenge but we did it. I was able to do some skin to skin and I was so happy.

Getting Discharged!

On June 3 (Sunday), I was able to spend a majority of the day with baby boy in the NICU and the rest of the time resting. It was so nice to finally be able to hold my baby. He was bilirubin was a little high so he had to be under the phototherapy light on June 4. On June 5, we were both discharged to go home. It has been a challenge but we are adjusting! Stay tuned for more posts about us being home!


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