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How We Plan On Introducing Our Baby To Our Fur Babies

April 30, 2018 in Parenting, Pregnancy - No Comments

How We Plan On Introducing Our Baby To Our Fur Babies

April 30, 2018 in Parenting, Pregnancy - No Comments
How We Plan On Introducing Our Baby To Our Fur Babies

One of the biggest things I thought about when we find out we were pregnant, was how our fur babies would handle a baby. I wanted to share with you a little about our fur babies and how we plan on introducing our baby to our fur babies!

Meet Our Dogs

We have 2 dogs — Bella and Annie. Bella was Sean’s dog and Annie was mine. Bella is Rottweiler mix (or so we think) and she’s about 12. Bella is a sweetheart and anyone who has ever met her has fallen in love with her. She’s a great big sister to Annie and Persie. Bella follows me everywhere especially since I’ve been pregnant. If you didn’t know she was Sean’s dog for over 8 years before moving in with me, you would think she’s my dog.

Annie is a shih tzu mix and she’s about 7. Annie is more independent than Bella and definitely has that small dog attitude where she thinks she’s tough. She barks at trucks and airplanes. She doesn’t really follow anyone around and does her own thing.

When Bella and Persie first moved in with Annie and I, Annie wasn’t sure about both of them. She was more interested in Persie. It took Annie a few months before she warmed up to Bella but now they are best friends.

Both Bella and Annie sleep most of the day but they get their moments where they want to play. We’ve enjoyed taking them on walks since moving into our new home and they love it too!

Meet Our Cat

We have one cat — Persie. Persie was Sean’s cat and is about 4 now. I never thought I’d have a cat because I’m allergic but Persie has some type of fur where it doesn’t affect me. He’s a sweet boy most of the time but he is a cat. He loves going on our balcony off our master and watching birds. Other than that, he’s an indoor cat.

How I Think They Will React To Their New Brother

I think Bella will be protective of her new brother just like she is protective of me. I’m sure she will always be by his side. I have no fears when it comes to Bella and the new baby.

I honestly don’t know how Annie will react. I think she will probably just ignore him to be honest.

Persie is the one I worry about because he can jump on things unlike the dogs. I’m not sure if he will be interested in baby but I’m anxious to find out.

What We’ve Done So Far To Prep Them

I read online that you can play sounds of babies crying to get them used to the noise. The first couple of times I did it, Persie looked around and looked nervous but now they don’t even care. I think this will help them when it comes time to bring baby home.

We also got the nursery ready so they can see what’s in there. Persie, of course, explored every inch of it but now that we leave the door open, he doesn’t care about the room at all. We also put the pack n’ play together as well as the Halo bassinet to get them used to that stuff being in our room. Persie tried to sleep in the pack n’ play a few times but now he doesn’t even pay attention to it. I’m glad we did all this stuff before baby gets here so they can get used to it all!

How We Plan On Introducing Baby Brother

We have a sitter here who watches all 3 while we go on vacations. She will be able to watch them when we go to the hospital. I plan on coming home with baby and having at least 1 day with just baby. Once we get situated, Sean will go and pick up the fur babies. I think I’ll probably send a blanket or onesie that baby has worn or used with Sean and let the fur babies smell it before coming home.

When they get home, I’ll probably come and see them first and then slowly introduce them to baby. I just don’t want it to be a complete shock. I think doing all these things will help the process. We are looking forward to introducing our human baby to our fur babies though!


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