We Got Married! (Our Courthouse Wedding In Las Vegas)

We Got Married! (Our Courthouse Wedding In Las Vegas)

Two years ago, my now husband and I decided to meet in person after talking online for many years (we met on AOL when I was 11 and he was 13). We kept in contact via AIM, emails, texts, Facebook, etc throughout the years. We would go years without talking and somehow we always ended up reconnecting.

Early 2016, we started talking more and more and it got a little more serious. At the point, we were both in a place where we wanted to see what could happen if we met in person. Of course, we were both so nervous because we didn’t want to lose that friendship but I think we both felt the rewards outweighed the risks. So April 15, 2016, he flew out to California and we haven’t been apart for longer than a week since.

We Tied The Knot!

He proposed to me on July 29, 2016 so we knew we wanted to get married. April 15 was a date we always wanted to remember because it was the date that changed our lives… so we got married yesterday! I still can’t believe we are married. Erin photographed our little ceremony and it turned out perfect. I wanted to share some photos with you all!