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My Second Trimester Update!

March 19, 2018 in Pregnancy - No Comments

My Second Trimester Update!

March 19, 2018 in Pregnancy - No Comments

I’m officially done with the second trimester as of March 18 (picture was taken 2 weeks ago though!). I actually felt pretty great this trimester! This trimester is the easiest though (according to everything I’ve read).

Symptoms I had

This trimester, I felt really great at the beginning. I had a boost of energy and wanted to do all of the things. Towards the end, I started getting tired again and needing to take naps. I also started leaking this trimester… yay (sarcasm). At least my body is doing what it’s supposed to be doing and getting ready to produce milk! Other than that, I have felt pretty good!

How Baby Did the Second Trimester

We had our anatomy scan this trimester and a couple of other scans due to me being high risk. Baby has been perfect through everything. My OB was worried that baby would be big because of my diabetes, but he actually has been measuring around in the 50th percentile each ultrasound and she’s so excited for that. Blood pressure has also been steady and so far I haven’t had to be put on blood pressure medicine. My OB did say she will induce me around 37/38 weeks though just to be safe!

Stuff I Bought For Baby

So this trimester I bought a ton of stuff for baby boy! We are getting the nursery together and also getting our room ready for baby. Most of our family & friends live out of state (California & Chicago), so we decided to postpone the baby shower until after baby gets here so that way they can all meet him. So I had fun shopping! What I bought (I linked everything so you can see exactly what I got!):

Amazon is pretty amazing because you can create a baby registry and when you reach a certain time in your pregnancy, you get a 10% discount or 15% discount (for Prime members) on certain items. Luckily most of the stuff I got, I was able to get the 15% discount.

How We Are Doing

We started a prepared childbirth class on March 5 and take the last one tonight. It’s a 3 part class, 3 hours each (super long!). So far we have enjoyed the class but I’m pretty sure Sean has seen a tad more than he wanted to. We can’t believe that in just 9 weeks or so we will be holding our sweet baby boy!

*Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links! However, ALL items were purchased by me and opinions are mine.


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