My First Trimester Update!

My First Trimester Update!

I’m officially done with the first trimester as of December 11. It wasn’t too bad. After we made it past the first 3 ultrasounds, I was so relieved. With my previous miscarriage, we found out we miscarried on our second ultrasound. Read more to see how my first trimester went!

Symptoms I had

The biggest symptoms I had were fatigue and nausea. I couldn’t get enough sleep the first 10 weeks or so. I was so tired, all the time. Around week 7, the nausea came. It wasn’t too bad at first, just mostly upset stomach. However, at week 9 is when the actually throwing up started. I was so glad when that was done! The other symptoms I had were tender breasts, strong sense of smell, and acne!

How Baby Did the First Trimester

Because of my miscarriages, we got 3 ultrasounds at the fertility clinic before being transferred to my Ob. After seeing the baby those first few times is when Sean and I got really excited. Baby has had a strong heartbeat ranging from 175-155bpm. The picture below was of our last ultrasound before we entered the second trimester. We got our NT scan and ran some blood work and everything is looking great!

Stuff I Bought For Baby

Since Black Friday/Cyber Monday only happens once a year, I took advantage of the sales and got some stuff for baby. The biggest purchase I got was the Britax 2017 B Agile & B Safe 35 Travel System. Other than that, I got some gender neutral clothes and cloth diapers.

How We Are Doing

Sean and I are so excited to be entering the second trimester. Since most of our friends and family live out of state, we had to pick a date for the baby shower. To our surprise, a bunch of people are planning on coming! Our ultrasounds will not be as often now. Our next one is scheduled for January 8 and I’ll be 18 weeks then! Crazy how time is flying! We can’t wait to meet this little baby!