Decorating The Nursery Progress

Decorating The Nursery Progress

We are getting the nursery together and I wanted to post some pictures of our progress so far!

The crib is from BuyBuyBaby but honestly I bought it over 2 years ago so I’m not sure if they still have the same exact once. The DockATot is just hanging out in the crib for now but will be moved once we get everything together. I made that blanket before we knew what we were having and I’m so proud of myself! The things you can learn on YouTube.

One of my favorite spots is the changing table. We will be cloth diapering and I needed a place to organize all the cloth diaper stuff. I ordered the bins from Amazon (link here) and they fit perfectly!

This dresser is from IKEA. I want to change the knobs but haven’t found anything I like. If you have any recommendations, please let me know!

The bottom closet storage is from IKEA. We got the bins from IKEA as well to fit perfectly. I wanted something we can use for storage in the closet but also something that we can use and move around as baby gets older!

Some of the only decorations we have in the room so far is this picture of us that my second mom sent me. I also got the “You Are So Loved” art from Ross.

What We Still Have To Do

The only thing we really still need to do is decorate! We got letters in his name and we are going to paint it and put it above his crib. We got some shelves from IKEA that we will put above the dresser for books and what not. Other than that, we are pretty much done!