Spending Thanksgiving In Chicago

Spending Thanksgiving In Chicago

Sean and I went to Chicago for Thanksgiving again this year and it seems like it’ll become our tradition. Not only were we excited to see his friends and family but we were also so excited for the food in Chicago. If you don’t know, we are vegan and Chicago has so many yummy options for vegans!

Picked Up Our Toyota Corolla iM

I feel like I’m getting ahead of myself so let me start by when we first got there. We arrived on November 21 and we got this great Toyota Corolla iM. We drove a bunch on this trip and it definitely helped us on gas! As soon as we got in the car, we hooked up our phones via bluetooth so we could listen to our music. Anybody remember when you had a cassette that you would connect to your phone? Ah, technology these days! After we got the car, we decided to head to the hotel and relax for a bit before heading out for the day.
Toyota Corolla iM

Eating All The Food

We ate at some many places while we were out there. I definitely thought I would have gained weight but I didn’t! I’m so mad at myself for not taking more pictures but by the time we got the food, I just wanted to eat it. If you are ever in the Chicago area, check out some of our favorite restaurants: Quesadilla, Ground Control, Chicago Diner, Vegan Plate, Area Bhavan, and Kitchen 17 (pictures are from Kitchen 17).

Kitchen 17 Kitchen 17

Telling Our Family We’re Pregnant!

We decided to announce to our families during the Thanksgiving holiday. Since we were in Chicago, we told his family in person. I told my family via phone calls and texts. Everyone is so excited for us! We can’t believe that the next time we go to Chicago, that we will be a family of 3!

Overall, we had a wonderful time. It was hard to come back but we were so excited to pick up our fur babies and cuddle with them.